Outsourcing Outside The Box

So if an agency monolith like Publicis can outsource production work in the new world-new media-order, what about the rest of the creative jobs in advertising? At some point, when marketers ultimately look at the efficiencies they’ve achieved with third-world interactive servants, they may decide to that the writing and the art direction doesn’t matter […]

Ideas Don’t Grow On Trees

L.A. Times is reporting on a looming strike by 12,000 members of Writers Guild of America, the union representing writers in the motion picture, broadcast, cable and new media. Writers maintain they were shortchanged years ago, when they agreed to a discounted pay formula for home video sales, only to see that business flourish. They […]

Random Notes From The Account Planning Conference

Being a copywriter, albeit a strategically-aware one, I’m a bit of a fish out of water here at the 4A’s Account Planning Conference. So I won’t analyze everything I’ve heard today, but I do have a few random observations I’d like to make: If there’s one theme I heard constantly today, it’s that our industry, […]

Mobile Advertising Has A Future

I’m an adamant believer that folks who use cell phones don’t want a bevy of interruptive messages from marketers, but… Seeing the entire web on my iPhone, the possibilities open up. If it’s done smartly.

Omnicom Beats Omnicom, Omnicom, And Omnicom

The Jeep account, previously held at an Omnicom agency, is now moving to a new Omnicom agency, after a pitch that involved other Omnicom agencies. Adweek clears it all up: Omnicom Group’s Cutwater has won creative duties on Jeep, the client confirmed. Cutwater, the newly launched San Francisco agency led by former TBWA\Chiat\Day creative executive […]

Hyundai Leaves Skidmarks in Richards’ Driveway

Although I bought a new Hyundai Santa Fe a few months ago, advertising had nothing to do with my purchase. And when I finally saw a Richards Group TV spot for it, I wasn’t impressed–and definitely didn’t feel like it was connecting with me as a Hyundai owner. Seems I wasn’t alone in that assessment: […]

Jiffy Lube Wants A Two-Way Customer Conversation. Maybe.

In Southern California, Jiffy Lube locations got busted for not doing work that customers paid for. The above follow-up report, taken from the local news in LA, shows clips of a Jiffy Lube “apology” commercial and the reactions of some of the customers who got screwed. It doesn’t appear Jiffy Lube is all that interested […]

Art Directors Don’t Surf!

The New York Times looks at a strange wintertime activity on the shores of Lake Erie. The strongest winds and waves come in winter, just before Lake Erie freezes. Waves up to 10 feet have been surfed, but the largest swells are usually chest-high. Instead of curling into a vertical wall, the waves are round […]