A BeanCast, And A Book

A couple of items of self-promotion, if you’ll allow me the privilege.

First, I had the great opportunity to make a repeat appearance on this week’s BeanCast, which also featured: Steve Hall of AdRants, Kristi Faulkner of NYC’s Womenkind, Jim Hopkinson of The Hopkinson Report, and of course, show host Bob Knorpp.

We got into some fun debates, particularly over Scott Montgomery’s Ad Age column about time management and the new Benetton UnHate ad campaign.

I’m also pleased to announce the official publication of my new book: View From The Cheap Seats: A broader look at advertising, marketing, branding, global politics, office politics, sexual politics, and getting drunk during a job interview.

I’ve taken the best columns of the ones I’ve written over the past 9 years. Right now, it’s a paperback available on Amazon, but a Kindle version is coming soon. You can order yours right here:



About Dan Goldgeier

Dan Goldgeier is a Seattle-based freelance copywriter with experience at advertising agencies across the U.S. He is a graduate of the Creative Circus ad school, and currently teaches at Seattle's School of Visual Concepts. Dan is also a columnist for TalentZoo.com and the author of View From The Cheap Seats and Killer Executions and Scrubbed Decks.