MINI Is In The Google+ Driver’s Seat

Inspired by the deep and promising potential of Google+ as a platform and its user base of tastemakers, MINI has joined Google+ in the interest of opening new doors for community interaction and engagement.

MINI and its social media agency KKLD believe Google+ is remarkably well-suited for the MINI fan base, which is engaging and responsive when challenged in an online setting.

I’m not sure what type of “challenges” MINI has in mind, but let me ask you a question if you don’t mind. Are you building out yet another social media profile and connecting with people and brands on Google+? I’m there but I’m not invested. Maybe that’ll change in time.

I know some smart people are excited about Google+, for their own use and for their clients’. Photographer Thomas Hawk says, “Google+ is awesome!” He then goes on to list 50 ways to improve the platform.



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