“You’re Meeting With A Sea Creature Now” Is A Great Line (Even Though It Overpromises)

Are you planning a beach getaway? Hilton Head Island wants you to Escape the Usual. “Cross the Bridge. Escape the Usual.” is a spot on tagline for this island of planned and gated communities. I used to live and work on the mainland side of the bridge to Hilton Head. The fact that there is […]

At The Preakness, The Infield Is A Place To Party

I think there’s a horse race involved somewhere, but that’s not what draws people to the infield at the Preakness. In the new spot by Elevation and Skylab-B, the Preakness Infieldfest party 2011 promises to be epic, courtesy of Kegasus: You can find out more at TheInfieldFest.com. You can also follow Kegasus on Twitter.

To Hell With Brian Wilson’s Beard, Let’s Play Ball

We are just three days away from the opening pitch of the 2011 Major League Baseball season. Ergo, it’s a good time to view some baseball commercials. Here’s one from Swirl in San Francisco. Here’s another Giants-related spot for a video game. According to Wikipedia, Giants pitcher Brian Wilson has a mohawk hairstyle and while […]

Good With A Stick, Good With A Mic

Easton Sports is launching the Dream Crazy Tour, offering baseball, hockey and lacrosse players the chance to be national ambassadors of their sport. Easton is accepting video auditions for on-air hosts at easton.com/dreamcrazy until Monday, April 11, 2011. “We’re looking for people who can truly embody their sport in a way that has never been […]

The Bigger The Pie, The More Contentious The Pack

Labor battles are raging in Ohio, New Jersey, Wisconsin today, but there’s another high profile dispute between labor and management that’s been brewing for months, and the kettle could easily blow by later tonight. Anthony Crupi at MediaWeek examines what a potential NFL lockout means for the media and advertising industries. Should this game of […]

Take My Kings, Lose My Crown

The Kings, which left Kansas City for California’s capital some years back, may now move to Anaheim or Seattle. But that’s not copacetic with one of the city’s ad agencies. Amber Williams, president of Sacramento’s Glass Agency, told The New York Times, “For us, being from a city that has that legitimacy of a professional […]

The White Sox, And Their Fans, Go ‘All In’

It’s March, and soon spring training will be in full gear. And the ads designed to rally the fans are coming, too. Courtesy of Energy BBDO comes a brilliant White Sox defensive play re-enacted: For you non-Sox fans, here’s the play from opening day last year:

Natalie Gulbis Signs A Kid’s Forehead, Big Deal

According to Ad Age, Ladies Professional Golf Association is breaking its first brand campaign in four years to try and lure new fans and improve low TV ratings and dwindling sponsors that forced a limited tour schedule this year. Four spots, done by Sacred Cow, Austin, Texas, break this weekend on The Golf Channel’s coverage […]