Enough With The “C” Word Already

From the Marketing Trenches points to this great bumper sticker. If you would like one, send $5.00 to these fine folks in St. Louis before their supply runs out.


Florida’s Supreme Court forbade two personal injury lawyers from using a pit bull with a spiked collar to advertise their services because “there is no way to measure whether the attorneys in fact conduct themselves like pit bulls.” According to the ruling: In this case we impose discipline on two attorneys for their use of […]

Let My Money Go

Consumerist user, Crispin B., is pissed at his bank, Chase. I’ve been with Chase for a long time. I have money from the dot-com days. I’ve run a lot of that money through them – at one point just over a million dollars following the sale of my home. Did that earn me any respect? […]

Low Tar Claim Ruled Okay

Adweek: The Illinois Supreme Court handed Altria Group’s Philip Morris USA a significant victory today, overturning a lower court ruling that the tobacco company had misled smokers about the health risks of so-called “light” cigarettes. The original decision said the company had “intended to deceive consumers” into thinking that its Cambridge Light and Marlboro Light […]

Oops! Someone Does Read The Fine Print.

Ad Age: T-Mobile USA has paid a $135,000 fine to settle a deceptive-advertising claim brought by New York’s Department of Consumer Affairs. Last summer, the department took action against T-Mobile, as well as Sprint and Nextel, charging that while newspaper ads promised cellphone deals, the fine print contradicted the terms of the deal. Sprint and […]

Don’t Touch That Dollar Bill. It’s Been Near A Gay Person.

Rangelife points to this story from Focus on the Family (a misnomer if there ever was one): Focus on the Family has fired its banker; Wells Fargo because the bank is among the largest corporate contributors to homosexual causes. In 2003 alone, Wells Fargo gave $2.1 million to more than 95 non-profit agencies serving the […]

Organized Resistance Vol. 1

As protestors get creative with their continued attacks on Wal-Mart, it pays to look back in American history at protest campaigns with like-minded goals. Ben Price of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF), has written eloquently on the anti-chain store campaigns of the 1920s and 1930s. With Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Ward corporations trying […]

Yum! Shows The Way

Associated Press: A coalition of American churches joined farmworker advocates Thursday to urge McDonald’s Corp. to pay more for its tomatoes to help boost the wages of tomato pickers. The National Council of Churches request comes after the Florida-based Coalition of Immokalee Workers announced their campaign last month to pressure the fast-food giant to pay […]