AOL Added To List Of Heathens

Adfreak’s Tim Nudd points to AOL’s new instant messaging campaign, which makes use of the phrase, I AM. Clever, right? Maybe. But it’s none too appealing to the devout, who listen to the thunder shout, “I AM!” World Net Daily: AOL customer, Ian Millar wonders if any of AOL’s marketing and planning directors ever went […]

They Do Respect Her Butt

High Jive sheds light on this piss poor promotion from Spanish radio station “La Ley” WLEY 107.9 in Chicago. The ad features a row of female butts and a headline reading, “25 Pegaditas.” It’s promoting a contest where listeners must name 25 songs in a row for a chance to win cash. The Spanish translation […]

Wise Guy Disrupts Conference

According to Media Daily News, lawyers, ad agency execs and a few creative types gathered for the annual Association of National Advertisers’ Advertising Law and Business Affairs Conference in New York yesterday, got an earful from Commercial Alert Executive Director Gary Ruskin. Ruskin, opened his speech by observing that polls show “most Americans really despise […]

Zero Blog Misfires

Coca-Cola has launched a new product blog and it’s not going over too well. Here’s some of what resistance fighters, The Zero Movement Sucks, have to say: In co-opting the trademarks of the counter-culture–blogs, street art and a passionate cause–to promote an artifically sweetened cocktail of chemicals and flavourings, Coca Cola is demeaning it’s audience. […]

PETA’s Onion Imitation

Kentucky Fried Cruelty: Deciding to make a statement every time he’s asked for or signs his name, a 19-year-old PETA staff member—formerly known as Chris Garnett—has legally changed his name to, the same name as PETA’s Web site that gives the lowdown on KFC’s refusal to eliminate the worst abuses of chickens raised and […]

Pharmie Pharce

Brandweek: Eli Lilly and Co. agreed to plead guilty to a federal misdemeanor charge that it illegally promoted its Evista osteoporosis medication for the treatment of breast cancer and cardiovascular risk reduction. The company also agreed to a $36 million fine to settle the charge. The investigation into the effort began in July 2002. The […]

Hummer Bummer

If you own a Hummer, don’t be surprised if people give you the finger while you’re out and about. There’s a web site with hundreds of photos of people doing just that.

Kids Are Mean

The Telegraph: In a finding that will astonish many parents, academics at Bath University concluded that girls attack their Barbie dolls as a symbol of their rejection of the consumer society. “Barbie provoked rejection, hatred and violence,” said Dr. Agnes Nairn, who led the research for the university’s school of management. “The girls we spoke […]