Repetitive Reporting Motion May Cause Dull Pains

Last Sunday, The New York Times addressed burnout among online content producers today. I’ve been producing online content every day for almost six years now, so it’s a subject I’m familiar with. Such is the state of the media business these days: frantic and fatigued. Young journalists who once dreamed of trotting the globe in […]

Intel Has Some Suggestions For You

Intel wants to guide prospects to a purchase decision online, since that’s where the bulk of research on computers with Intel processors is done. As product features become more sophisticated, marketers are turning to digital and interactive media to allow consumers to experience the products for themselves, says James McQuivey, an analyst at Forrester Research. […]

It’s Someone’s McJob To Spin You A Smoothie Masterpiece

To promote new real fruit smoothie at McDonald’s, Tribal DDB has launched a Spin Art-like app on that let people like me make messes like this: In the old days, McDonald’s would have promoted this new product with a special take-home cup or a buy-one-get-one. Not today. Today, it’s all about online engagement. And […]

Groupon Knows Consumers Want A Deal, Makes It Easy For Small Business To Offer Said Deals

I finally joined purveyor of daily deals, Groupon, tonight and I was amazed to find how well it’s working for some local Portland restaurants. Wild Abandon recently sold 2861 $12 Groupons, while Elephants Delicatessen sold 7206 $7 deals. Groupon uses the power of the crowd to drive prices down and volume up–the deal doesn’t go […]

Digital Disruption: How’s It Going For You?

“The ad business is going through a change not seen in three decades.” – Judy Shapiro Judy Shapiro is a veteran marketing exec and Chief Brand Strategist at CloudLinux, a Linux-based OS for technology service providers. In her latest piece for Ad Age, she argues that we’re moving from a one:many web to a many:many […]

Curated Word-of-Mouth Used To Inspire North of the Border Vacations

One of the things I love about digital is how well it supports experiential marketing. Digital can drive you to the brand experience, welcome you at the desired destination and archive the activities for follow up at a later time. The Canadian Tourism Commission is on the right page with their interactive mural installations. They […]

Lots Of Small Business Clients Need Lots Of Help, Media Companies Are Cool With That

Media companies are increasingly turning to marketing services as a revenue source. And it seems that newspapers are well positioned to do so on a local basis, where they already have traction with the small- and medium-sized businesses that advertise in their pages. According to Crain’s Chicago Business, Tribune Co. is starting a new consulting […]

Digital Semantics: One Man’s Banner Is Another Man’s Display Ad

I’m confused by this bit of news from MediaWeek: will roll out a sweeping redesign that encapsulates what publisher and general manager Charlie Tillinghast called “a major rethinking of what a news site is.” At the heart of that redesign is a philosophy that Web pages needn’t be text centric, and that Web ads […]