Another Side of American Apparel

Dov Charney, CEO of American Apparel, is not one to shy away from controversy. In fact, he actively pursues it, as his bordering on porn ad campaigns have well established. But now, Charney is going political in this political season. According to The New York Times, Mr. Charney said American Apparel’s customers appreciate the company’s […]

Wasted Energy Is Wasted Money

Wal-Mart is the brand urban hipsters love to mock. But what to make of the company’s far-reaching environmental initiatives? They’re hard to argue with and might even persuade anti-Wal-Mart consumers to reconsider their super-store preferences. Don Moseley, director of sustainable facilities for Wal-Mart, inside the new energy efficient pump house. According to the Chicago Tribune, […]

Reverse Graffiti Used To Reverse Homelessness

Another graffiti campaign to show how “street” the brand is, is not needed. But Crisis, a London outfit that helps the homeless and really is of the street has put a spin on street art, and with help from Rapp Collins/London have come up with an innovative way to advertise their cause. Crisis estimates there […]

You Can Have Your Truck And Your Conscience Too

Chevy bought a full page in today’s New York Times and created a microsite at, in an effort to “educate” the car buying public about GM’s commitment to green practices. The ad and microsite both feature a letter from Beth Lowery, GM’s VP for Environment, Energy and Safety Policy. She says the right things, […]

Mass Market Organic Is An Oxymoron

Sadly, as firms fight for a share of the eco-conscious consumer market, it seems that greenwashing is fast becoming standard practice today. As more and more shady practices come to light, I wonder if these firms will be shunned or if their deceptions will be quickly swept under the rug? After all, it’s hard keep […]

Bringing Interweb Buzz To Charity Auctions

Cause-related marketing is an area that’s near and dear to me. I started my career in the conservation movement, creating direct mail appeals and cause-related tie-ins for American Rivers. There was no such thing as the interweb then. So it’s interesting to see how online communities are approaching societal challenges today. One such entity, CharityBuzz, […]

Non-Smokers Want Some Breathing Room

Tiny Gigantic points to a motherload of executions from Japan’s “smoking manners” campaign. Here’s one that speaks to me:

Publishing Obscene Odes On the Windows of the Skull

Just about any agency can make great ads for the right client. And the right client often comes in the door as a pro-bono opportunity. I don’t know if The Beat Museum is pro-bono or not, but I can’t imagine they had much money to spend. Grey’s San Francisco office created the campaign, which can […]