A Man And His Marker

Once upon a time, I used to cut out photos, captions and headlines from the newspaper and rearrange them to make a totally new statement. I’d often follow the newly formed thought with lines of verse, making for a rudimentary media mashup. Austin Kleon, “a writer who draws” is up to something similar. He takes […]

Obey Capitalism

This ad for Saks Fifth Avenue is bound to give the more idealistic Shepard Fairey fans reason to pause. Pimping the new Prez is one thing, but Saks is on another level. It’s unadulterated consumerism. Eric Wilson of The New York Times, asked Fairey if his work could be “misunderstood as some sinister form of […]

Photographic Content Helps Build Top-Shelf Scotch Brand

Masters of Photography from The Macallan is a beautiful series of images by Rankin captured at the distillery. The setting, the model, the famous photog and his 1000 Polaroids all combine to make a strong statement about this Scotch whiskey brand.

National Guard Rocks Out

So last night I went to the movies (saw “Slumdog Millionaire” which is excellent) and this played during the previews: A video promo for the National Guard, with a song called “Citizen Soldier” by 3 Doors Down. You can see a better quality version here. On the big screen, it’s an amazing piece of video, […]

Lessons From The Big-And-Shrinking Three

When the CEOs of GM, Ford, and Chrysler went to Washington a couple of weeks ago to plead for money, there was one glaring thing that stood out: They each flew on separate private jets to get there. That’s the kind of tone-deaf move people remember, and it’s exactly what politicians and pundits seized on. […]

Wrong. Just Wrong.

It’s always a great idea to get the name of the brand in the headline! This ad for Quickie brand Wheelchairs trots out the double entrendre of all time. The 4-page insert is even more bizarre, using the header “Unburdened. Uncomplicated. Uninhibited.” above the image and this headline.

The Skywriting’s The Limit

In Atlanta, when you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, getting the hell out of dodge is an appealing notion. And AirTran Airways (which is very popular here) is pushing that idea with skywriting: AirTran Airways is turning to skywriting in the Atlanta area this week to advertise a sale. The Orlando-based airline, which has its main […]

Long Copy Ads, Courtesy Of The Onion

No it’s not an ad, but it sells. From an article called “The Imminent Collapse Of Global Markets Is No Reason To Skimp On Four-Season Gutter Protection”: In a lot of ways, our economy is like a gutter. You take care of it, and it takes care of you. But when the people in charge […]