Clean Coal Uses Clean, Cheap Stock Photos

Over at DailyKos they’re having some fun pointing out the use of low-cost iStockPhotos by a coal industry lobbying group. I guess the “Foundation for American Coal, Energy And Security” would rather spend its money buying off Congressmen, not paying for original photography. Now stock photography is being used more and more for all sorts […]

Coming Soon: Adland by James P. Othmer

More and more, new books are getting their own online trailers. This one looks interesting: According to the author’s blog, it will be available in September. Don’t confuse it with a similarly titled book by Mark Tungate about the history of advertising.

The Sixties Are Back, Man

When I was in high school, there was a lot of interest in the 60’s, partially due to the reissuing of classic albums on CD. And Nike used “Revolution” in an ad, while Neil Young said he’d never sing for a brand. Now, once again, the Sixties are back in vogue in advertising. From The […]

From Down Under: The Gruen Transfer

I haven’t fully explored this yet, but thanks to a comment on The Ad Contrarian I was pointed in the direction of an Australian TV show that deconstructs ad campaigns. The show is called The Gruen Transfer. From the website: The Gruen Transfer (TGT) is a show about advertising, how it works, and how it […]

Getting Back To Basics With Great Writing

Every now and then (or more like all the time), I need to remind myself that there’s an art form to great writing and concepting. In the day-to-day, get-it-out-now world of advertising, we need to keep the basics in mind. Over at I Have An Idea, there’s a wonderful article by Suzanne Pope, GCD of […]

That Ad You’re Making, Someone Somewhere Might Use It Against You Someday, If You’re Lucky

I like to see artists do something smart with advertising. Matt Siber, for instance. Here are some words from his Floating Logos artist’s statement: Inspired by the proliferation of very tall signs in the American Mid-West, Floating Logos seeks to draw attention to this often overlooked form of advertising. Perched atop very tall poles or […]

If Art’s In Everything, It’s Also In Advertising

I’m a huge proponent of brands hiring artists to produce something of lasting value. And I love to see a local company step up and support the artists in their community. Alden State Bank in Alden, Michigan made good on both of these ideals when they put John T. Unger on their signage needs. Unger […]

Look Ma, No CGI

Sometimes it helps to see the “making of” segment or director’s notes before the feature. This is one of those times. Okay, now view the spot from McCann Erickson. The advert imitates the infamous Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas in tune to the comic opera Don Pasquale.