Photographers Fight The Issue Of Pilfering

Everyone who works in a creative field is fighting the theft of ideas and work. The American Society of Media Photographers is tacking it with this spot and a new site, Don’tScrewUs.Org.

I’m not even a professional photographer, but I was reluctant to put my nicer photographs on Flickr in the fear that someone might lift one and it would end up on some lame banner ad. In a way that’s wishful thinking, I suppose. But a photographer friend said to me that if no one ever sees it, no one can like it enough to lift it. I guess that’s true.
Still, anyone who creates some form of content — photos, ads, whatever — takes a risk, particularly when they put it online to promote themselves. But this ad makes a good point. Remember, many people thought nothing of downloading music from Napster when they wouldn’t dare walk into a record store and steal a CD.
Hat tip to AdLand.



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