Clean Coal Uses Clean, Cheap Stock Photos

Over at DailyKos they’re having some fun pointing out the use of low-cost iStockPhotos by a coal industry lobbying group.
I guess the “Foundation for American Coal, Energy And Security” would rather spend its money buying off Congressmen, not paying for original photography. Now stock photography is being used more and more for all sorts of clients (including mine), but a commenter points out that iStockPhoto rules prohibit “use that depicts personal endorsement by model.” Is that the case here? Is a cause marketing effort different from a consumer brand in that regard?
As client budgets are being slashed, and more work moves online, the use of original photography is decreasing rapidly. That’s why services like iStockPhoto, and their images, are becoming so ubiquitous.
Have any of y’all run into problems with stock photography usage? I know HighJive loves to point out curious uses of stock photography.



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