To Err Is Human…

Bob Garfield, writing for Advertising Age, rips Goodby, Silverstein & Partners a new one. Why? Because they made a mediocre TV spot for Saturn. To see the introduction of Saturn’s Aura midsize sedan from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco, is to wonder where Goodby and Silverstein were when this thing was being produced. On […]

Just Because You Can…

Los Angeles agency, David & Goliath has a talented stafff. Yet, there’s concern inside the organization that these talents might be used for ill purposes, namely another self-promotional video from an agency trying to show how creative it is. According to an email leaked to AdPulp this morning, the video cams are on in El […]

Quote Of The Day

“There are no bad advertising agencies, only bad agency-client relationships,” said Kenneth G. Romanzi, domestic chief operating officer at Ocean Spray Cranberries. Someone’s been drinking the Cranberry Kool-Aid. Actually, it’s just a snippet from a good article in today’s New York Times on the state of agency-client relationships.

Beap Beap

Barkley Evergreen & Partners, Inc., the largest independent employee-owned agency in the country, has changed its name to Barkley. The shift comes as the agency moves to a new national headquarters building located in Kansas City’s Crossroads Arts District, a thriving creative community that includes the city’s best art galleries and production houses. The agency’s […]

Ogilvy Switches To Roam

Brian Morrissey of Adfreak is reporting on a new idea emerging from Ogilvy. Chris Wall, co-chief creative officer at Ogilvy, intends to launch an agency offshoot called Ogilvy Transient. Wall described Transient at the shop’s Verge conference yesterday, and it doesn’t refer to an underbathed creative. It’ll be a roaming, experimental agency unit that aims […]

Is Your Agency A Breeding Ground For Bullies?

Lord knows the ad industry is a place for eccentrics and weirdness in general. But see if this story from matches your workplace experience: In a recent study, bullied employees likened their experiences to a battle, water torture, a nightmare or a noxious substance. Understanding the seriousness of workplace bullying and what it feels […]

For Some, Junior High Never Ends

Agency websites tend to be pretty tame affairs, which is a sad commentary on how slow agencies can be on the uptake. Be that as it may, today I stumbled upon something I like on an agency web site–a positioning line delivered in an impactful way. Cramer-Krasselt is hanging their hat on the following sentiment: […]

How Draft/FCB Scored Big In Bentonville

Lewis Lazare has some ideas on how Howard Draft and his team reigned supreme in the Wal-Mart review, bringing the bacon home to Chicago via an estimated $570 million in annual billings. When the Draft FCB merger was announced, Jonathan Harries, the new global chief creative officer of the merged agencies, even went so far […]