In A Tough Spot? Call On Your LG Ally

Iron Man 2 opens in theaters and IMAX today and LG is ready, thanks to a little help from Young & Rubicam/New York.

Daydreams And Lottery Tickets Are Like Sushi And Saké

Seattle-based Cole & Weber United worked with indie rock video director Patrick Daughters to put together this imaginative spot for Washington’s Lottery. Daughters was nominated for a Grammy for his Feist “1234” video; he also directed the video for Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks,” the same indie darlings that scored this new Washington’s Lottery spot. Clearly, […]

To Hold The Line, Or Not Hold The Line? That Is The Question

Ad Age is reporting on the vanishing line between content and advertising, and using Dr. Pepper’s spot last week on NBC’s “30 Rock,” as an example. Yes, it’s true, in the early days of TV, networks were happy to mix commerce and content, with talk-show hosts also serving as pitchmen. Many of them do that […]

Episodic Content Continues To Grow On the Web

Bertolli’s new web series, “Into the Heart of Italy,” features Rocco DiSpirito, Marisa Tomei and Dan Cortese on a journey to uncover the secrets of Italy’s passion for food and life. Day One: Lucca @ Yahoo! Video According to Ad Age: Unilever, along with media agency MindShare Entertainment, has produced what have arguably become web […]

Brands Are The New Producers

RedLever, a leading producer of premium branded content across all genres and distribution platforms, announced today it has partnered with Digitas, a leading digital marketing agency, to create “In The Kitchen,” a 10-part webisode series for Jenn-Air, makers of high-end kitchen appliances. The web series kicks off in mid-March. The series will be hosted by […]

Thirst Inducing Advertainment

Why Make Ads When You Can Inspire Art Projects?

La Comunidad/Miami and Buenos Aires is producing 40 original art and video shorts for the pan-Latin American audience on behalf for Converse. “Art has always been a great source of inspiration in our culture. This Converse project plays to our strengths as an agency, as it gave everyone in our three offices the chance to […]

The End

According to The New York Times, CBS is canceling “As the World Turns,” the 54-year-old soap that is the last daytime serial owned by Procter & Gamble. The show’s audience, which exceeded six million viewers a week in the 1990s, has drawn less than 2.5 million so far this season. The show chronicled generations of […]