Do You Point, Shoot And Edit On The Fly?

Content marketing, and online video in particular, is the well we return to again and again. Because it’s an exciting new opportunity for brands, and for the storytellers they hire to weave their brand-sponsored narratives.

Increasingly, brands are bypassing the agency option altogether, and going directly to production companies or media companies for content solutions. One media company that’s getting a lot of brand work is Vice Media.

Here’s a sample of Vice’s brand-sponsored documentary-style offering:

According to, Vice is operating in 34 countries today with income north of $110 million.

Dan’l Hewitt, general manager of AdVice, a division of ViceVice Media, says, “We work with brands to create legitimate content that talks to their consumers and their audience in the most appropriate way. We don’t think about branded content, we think about telling stories and making content that relates to brand messages or products.”

Vice also does a lot of non-branded work, where they “specialize in unabashed depravity and going to places we don’t belong.” Which explains today’s entry, Westminster Dog Show… on Acid! What would Christopher Guest say?

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