UCLA Verus USC Verus Every Other Elite University in The World

Colleges and universities really ought to have incredible advertising to support their brands.

UCLA isn’t quite to incredible with this new work from Philadelphia-based 160 Over 90, but they’re pretty far ahead of the pack, regardless.

According to Stuart Elliott of The New York Times, the work underscores the growing presence of universities and colleges as advertisers in the media. Their goals include selling themselves to prospective students and the parents of those students, seeking donations from alumni, recruiting faculty members and improving their standings in various surveys.

“We’re operating in a very competitive marketplace, higher ed,” says Rhea Turteltaub, vice chancellor for external affairs at U.C.L.A. “It’s all about differentiating ourselves.”

Indeed. Here’s a look at some content marketing from crosstown rival, USC:

And something to remind prospects of USC’s Hollywood ties:



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