Chevy TV Spot Overreaches, But Interactive Looks Sharp

Slate doesn’t like the new Chevy TV spot, and I tend to agree that it overreaches. Chevy’s ad tries to draw a parallel between historic moments in American history, such as Vietnam and Katrina, and the Chevy Silverdao, “America’s truck.” Aside from a rather suspect concept and a lukewarm execution, the ad makes me wonder […]

Bengals First NFL Team To Launch User-Created Video Site

Legend has it that Mark Twain said that when the end of the world comes, he wanted to be in Cincinnati because we’re 20 years behind the time. That may be so when it comes to matters of race relations and high culture, but in terms of what really matters–user-created content and online video–we’re ahead […]

Be Glad You Don’t Work For Gannett’s IT Department

For all of you skimming this post on a beautiful Friday afternoon, let’s have a moment of sympathetic silence for the poor schleps who are “working around the clock” to solve this mysterious problem. You know the feeling, don’t you? It’s Friday, you want to go home, but the &^%$#@! Web site STILL won’t work–and […]

No You Di’int!

Google lawyers crack down on the lexicography website Word Spy for defining “google” as a verb. Here’s Word Spy’s definition: google (GOO.gul) v. To search for information on the Web, particularly by using the Google search engine; to search the Web for information related to a new or potential girlfriend or boyfriend. —Googling pp. Here’s […]

Colbert Chaos on Wikipedia

Stephen Colbert stirred the Wikipedia pot on Monday when he coined a new word–“Wikiality.” You Tube has the footage and Newsvine has the story: In the segment, Colbert logs on to the Wikipedia article about his show to find out whether he usually refers to Oregon as “California’s Canada or Washington’s Mexico.” Upon learning that […]

Pfizer F’s With Your Dreams

Last month the FDA approved Chantix, Pfizer’s new smoking cessation drug. According to Pfizer: Chantix is unique because it … partially activates the nicotinic receptor and reduces the severity of the smoker’s craving and the withdrawal symptoms from nicotine. Moreover, if a person smokes a cigarette while receiving treatment, Chantix has the potential to diminish […]

iPod Hubris Foreshadows Fall?

What happens to mega-brands that leave competitors in the dust? Bob Gilbreath, former brand manager of P&G’s Mr. Clean and self-styled evangelist of Competition, thinks that they can falter and ultimately fail when their power becomes absolute. Here’s his take on the ubiquitous iPod: Today, as Apple is celebrating its success and the failure of […]

Unsexy CPGs Are Strongest Brands

The strongest brand in America is Reynolds Wrap, according to a Harris Interactive poll. Ad Age reports: Reynolds topped such icons as Coke, Pepsi and McDonald’s. It blew away the ubiquitous Nike. It outclassed Mercedes and Lexus. It left the hip iPod in the dust. None of those brands even cracked the top 10, which […]