Bengals First NFL Team To Launch User-Created Video Site

Legend has it that Mark Twain said that when the end of the world comes, he wanted to be in Cincinnati because we’re 20 years behind the time. That may be so when it comes to matters of race relations and high culture, but in terms of what really matters–user-created content and online video–we’re ahead of the curve. Who Dey!
Online Media Daily sets the record straight:

[The Bengals] have become the first NFL team to launch a site where fans can post user-created videos.
The [team] will send out e-mail messages today to 40,000 fans asking for user-created videos. The best videos as voted by fans will also be shown on the scoreboard during home games this season at Paul Brown Stadium.
The Bengals site gets about 16 million unique visitors during the year. No advertising or sponsorships tied to the fan videos have been developed yet, but [the Bengals] expect the site will eventually include some type of corporate sponsorship.



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