Pfizer F’s With Your Dreams

Last month the FDA approved Chantix, Pfizer’s new smoking cessation drug. According to Pfizer:

Chantix is unique because it … partially activates the nicotinic receptor and reduces the severity of the smoker’s craving and the withdrawal symptoms from nicotine. Moreover, if a person smokes a cigarette while receiving treatment, Chantix has the potential to diminish the sense of satisfaction associated with smoking.

So? Well, for one thing: what a great account to work on. And second, which of the following side effects have you a) never heard of and b) is F’d up:

changes in dreaming

I’d love to take a crack at writing that disclaimer copy. “In rare cases, Chantrix can induce surreal dream states, similiar to the kind sufferred by William Hurt in Altered States. Do not operate heavy machinery while taking Chantrix. Do not act on messages delievered to you in altered dream states. Consult your doctor before taking Chantrix.”
For tips and advice on how to quit smoking, visit the Center for Disease Control.
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