Do You Buy iTunes For Your iPod?

I actually prefer to buy CDs and load them into my iPod instead of buying them on the iTunes Music Store. I may not be the only one who’s doing that. Here’s an interesting story from The New York Times that takes a look at the numbers of iPods sold vs. the number of songs […]

Wal-Mart’s Spurned Ex

For 32 years, until Julie Roehm walked in the door, Kansas City’s Bernstein-Rein took the lead on the Wal-Mart ad account. This fascinating article in The Pitch (a local KC publication) traces the history of the account: Walton had chosen Bernstein-Rein for one reason: a simple ad he’d seen for the now-defunct Milgram Food Stores. […]

Ad Age Stories Focus On Wally World

As if you needed any more proof that Wal-Mart and its travails reverberate throughout the ad world, this week’s Ad Age has 5 stories related to recent events: In Bentonville, Buyers Abide by Stringent Code Draft Dealt Staggering Blow After Strutting Like A Champ Sam’s Successors Share Blame For Wal-Mart Shame As Wal-Mart Reopens Review, […]

If You Were Howard Draft, What Would You Do Today?

The Chicago Tribune, which I think rarely publishes interesting stories about the ad world compared to the Sun-Times’ inimitable Lewis Lazare, ponders the immediate future of DraftFCB: DraftFCB needs to act quickly to restore its reputation, say public relations experts who specialize in crisis communications. If Draft and his team determine the agency did nothing […]

Montgomery Ward Is Back. Or Is It?

Here’s an issue that branding gurus don’t address all that often: Brand names, ones with long histories, that simply get bought or licensed and used by unrelated companies. The AP reports on a new iteration of the Montgomery Ward brand: Five years after Montgomery Ward went out of business, its brand name has been revived […]

If You Want More On Roehm And Wal-Mart

Each article takes its own tack on the news: Ad Age: “Unruly Julie and the Scandal That Rocked the Ad World” The New York Times: “Rocky Return to the Roots at Wal-Mart” The New York Post: “Draft Exec Out in Cold After Wal-Mart Move” (the new biz head of DraftFCB is leaving for Digitas)

The Wal-Mart Story Continues…

You know, I simply cannot comprehend shit like this– This must-read article in Friday’s New York Times says quite a bit about Julie Roehm and her conduct: While some of the details are in dispute, several people briefed on the matter said that Wal-Mart dismissed Ms. Roehm and a lower-ranking marketing colleague, Sean Womack, after […]

Easy Come, Easy Go: Wal-Mart Drops DraftFCB

You read that right. Adweek is reporting as of 5:30 Thursday night: Just weeks after hiring DraftFCB in one of the year’s most closely watched reviews, Wal-Mart is splitting with the Interpublic Group agency and plans to put its $570 million ad account back in play “based on new information that has come to light […]