The Windy City Ad Scene Goes Cold

Crain’s Chicago Business takes a closer look at the city’s advertising scene. You can tell by the title of the article that the perception is it ain’t too good there: Dream of Chicago ad revival is dashed: The city’s ad agencies, decimated after years of losing headquarters and major accounts, seemed poised to regain their […]

Homeowners Don’t Have A CLUE, But Insurers Do

This is really only tangentially related to advertising in the sense that we are constantly shown happy/safe/it’s-all-gonna-be-alright imagery from insurance companies in their advertising. But I didn’t know this: Insurers now keep records on the history of your home and use that info to deny you coverage. MSN MoneyCentral has more: Insurers increasingly are using […]

P&G Goes Viral

The New York Times takes a closer look at P&G’s increasing embrance of viral videos that venture into subjects that the marketer wouldn’t have previously embraced, like one that discusses menstrual cramps: The campaign started with small classified ads in newspapers around the country, which all carried the same eye-catching headline, “Men: Are You Suffering […]

Red Red Wine

I’ve often thought that the tipping point for Kmart’s descent into retail irrelevance came because of “Rain Man.” When Dustin Hoffman’s character said, “Kmart Sucks!” at the end, the audience in the theater I was in clapped wildly. Merlot, it appears, has suffered the same image breakdown, thanks to “Sideways” when Paul Giamatti exclaims, “I’m […]

Airport Insecurity

Okay, I’ll make this ad-related in a minute… …but how insane is it that airport security wouldn’t let Troy Smith bring his Heisman Trophy on the plane???? Now, here’s my question for all you award-show winners: Has anyone had trouble carrying a One Show Pencil on the plane? Or a Cannes Lion? What about your […]

Do You Buy iTunes For Your iPod?

I actually prefer to buy CDs and load them into my iPod instead of buying them on the iTunes Music Store. I may not be the only one who’s doing that. Here’s an interesting story from The New York Times that takes a look at the numbers of iPods sold vs. the number of songs […]

Wal-Mart’s Spurned Ex

For 32 years, until Julie Roehm walked in the door, Kansas City’s Bernstein-Rein took the lead on the Wal-Mart ad account. This fascinating article in The Pitch (a local KC publication) traces the history of the account: Walton had chosen Bernstein-Rein for one reason: a simple ad he’d seen for the now-defunct Milgram Food Stores. […]

Ad Age Stories Focus On Wally World

As if you needed any more proof that Wal-Mart and its travails reverberate throughout the ad world, this week’s Ad Age has 5 stories related to recent events: In Bentonville, Buyers Abide by Stringent Code Draft Dealt Staggering Blow After Strutting Like A Champ Sam’s Successors Share Blame For Wal-Mart Shame As Wal-Mart Reopens Review, […]