Poor People In Latin America: The Perfect Demographic

I simply have no idea what to make of this. From The Wall Street Journal:

While many advertisers lavish dollars targeting well-off consumers, in Latin America the vast majority of people have far less money. According to the World Bank, 25% live on less than $2 a day, and many millions of others earn only a few hundred dollars a month. Increasingly, big brands are deciding that people once thought too poor to buy their products may be their biggest growth market.
Now McCann is launching a $2 million research project to seek clues to tapping demand among Latin America’s less-well-off. Starting in March, staffers will spend a week to two weeks living with 100 low-income families in a half-dozen countries, including Colombia, Chile and Mexico, looking to understand how they are influenced by brands, what symbols and celebrities motivate them, and to find innovative ways to influence what they buy.



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