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Should Cities Keep Their Tourism And Economic Development Accounts Local?

Over at the Richmond, VA portal of, there’s an interesting discussion over the city of Richmond’s decision to give its Department of Economic and Community Development account to Atlas Advertising in Denver. Here’s the gist of the argument: A visit to the Atlas Advertising website shows that they specialize in economic development and have […]

Is Social Media Marketing Paying The Bills In Your House?

According to several reports from Wanted Analytics, marketing managers with social media skills are in high demand, particularly in New York City and San Francisco. I’m not sure what “marketing managers” means, because it could mean any number of things depending upon the context. Case in point, I interviewed for two different high level social […]

Presentado por Kmart para la Mamá Latina Moderna

Meredith Hispanic Ventures–publisher of Ser Padres Espera, Ser Padres Bebé, Ser Padres, and Siempre Mujer–reaches over 1 in 4 Hispanic women in the U.S. at every critical life stage. So, who better to help Kmart develop an online content play? Working with Meredith Video Studios, Kmart is introducing Madres y Comadres, an eight-part original Spanish-language […]

Real Money For Fake News, No Joke

According to paidContent:UK, The Onion is carefully introducing a metered paywall for non-US visitors to its website. “America’s finest news source” has begun requiring a $2.95 monthly or $29.95 annual charge from non-U.S. visitors who want to read more than about five stories within 30 days. It’s a meter powered by RR Donnelley’s Press+ billing […]

Rob Lowe Can’t Scream With His Mouth Full

Nestlé USA’s Butterfinger has tapped actor Rob Lowe to direct a 25-minute horror parody, and is now recruiting fans to contribute to the project, according to Marketing Daily. Lowe, who previously directed a movie for Showtime, told “Access Hollywood” that he views the project as a chance to make something “funny and sort of subversive” […]

Eyeballs Aplenty, But Where’s the Revenue?

What’s up with Yahoo? The media company has mad uniques–178 million in June, according to comScore–and the Web’s pole position in news, sports, finance, entertainment news, real estate and comparison shopping sites, yet Yahoo’s market capitalization is little changed from 2003. Randall Stross, professor of business at San Jose State University, writing in The New […]

The Most Trusted Name In TV Ratings Now Working To Improve Online Metrics

It’s funny, we’re always hearing about how the online space is so measurable, therefore attractive to advertisers; yet, how often do we ask what exactly is being measured and by whom? Because measuring clicks is a direct marketing practice that does nothing to explain the overall value of an online ad. Enter the Nielsen Company–the […]

Trouble Ahead, The Economy In Red

Ad Age is feeling awfully bullish. The trade magazine published an article yesterday–the same day that Standard & Poors downgraded the nation’s debt rating to AA–with this headline: Why Marketers Shouldn’t Worry About Wall Street’s Late-Week Panic Attack. “In the months ahead, financial markets likely will be volatile, consumer confidence will remain under pressure and […]