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That’s A Lot Of Bread

Panera Bread is investing $40 million in its first major television campaign from Mullen. But from the looks of it, they need to spend a little more time on creative development, before sinking that kind of money into media. Panera’s founder, Ron Shaich, sits in a local store and explains how the chain’s focus on […]

Creating Good Will In San Antonio

Goodwill Industries of San Antonio is having an exceptional spring, thanks to a new ad campaign from San Antonio-based BradfordLawton. The non-profit group is enjoying a 29% jump in its number of donors in April and its second highest revenue increase ever. “BradfordLawton is a crucial member of our team,” said Rebecca Helterbrand, Goodwill Industries […]

Coupons! One More Reason To Open And Inspect Your Bank Statement

This is going to push some privacy buttons. According to The New York Times, your bank statement is about to become yet another frontier in the coupon-loaded advertising game. A company called BillShrink has worked with more than 2,000 banks to offer a new service — part loyalty card, part daily deal — called Statement […]

Free Sample: Hungry for Gumbo

What follows is a condensed version of this week’s edition of Hungry for Gumbo, the email newsletter I started sending out in March. If you’d like to read the entire newsletter, and future weekly installments, subscribe today. It only costs $1/month or $.25 an issue and payment is handled by Amazon Payments. Note: Hungry for […]

Is “American-Made” A Big Selling Point?

Over at, they’re taking a look at an increasing desire on the part of American consumers to seek out domestic goods. New research shows that the Made-In-America message is selling particularly well to affluent consumers. In the past 2 years, the number of well-to-do consumers who are buying products manufactured in America factories rose […]

Don’t Bunt!

David Ogilvy was born June 23, 1911. Adweek is celebrating the great ad man’s legacy with a graphic novel treatment, an essay from Michael Wolff and the following video. We all know what Ogilvy brought to the ad business. Wolff reminds us what the man also brought to the business of letters: Among the giants […]

Herculiner Will Show You “Tough”

Herculiner is a do it yourself truck bed liner. You coat the back of your truck bed with the product and it creates a tough scratch proof lining. To demonstrate the product’s toughness, The Escape Pod dressed a stunt man in a coat or armor, placed him in a Herculiner-coated truck bed and went four-wheeling […]

Sell It Well

“If your marketing is good enough, then selling becomes unnecessary.” -Peter Drucker Guy Kawasaki asked Dave Kerpen of award-winning social media agency Likeable Media how to be “more likeable online.” It’s a cheese-filled question, for sure, but that doesn’t bother me as much as the 10th of 10 suggestions on Kerpen’s list. 10. Don’t sell […]