Coupons! One More Reason To Open And Inspect Your Bank Statement

This is going to push some privacy buttons.

According to The New York Times, your bank statement is about to become yet another frontier in the coupon-loaded advertising game.

A company called BillShrink has worked with more than 2,000 banks to offer a new service — part loyalty card, part daily deal — called Statement Rewards. Under the program, online bank statements may include deals and discounts for bank customers based on their recent spending.

If, for example, a customer spent more than $100 at Starbucks in a month, Starbucks could offer a $5 coupon, complete with a small corporate logo, right under the statement’s listing for the last Starbucks purchase.

Given the ubiquitous nature of advertising, consumers have become increasingly accustomed to highly tailored ads. But does this cross a line? One’s bank statement is clearly a private matter.

Maybe I’m not buying as much sushi as I once did. Does that mean I’m only going to see coupons for a tuna sub at Subway? Because that would be insulting.

Here’s a video from one year ago featuring some of BillShrink’s other offerings:



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