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Yes It’s Cold, Good For You Coors Light

Beer that’s too cold loses its flavor. Of course, in this case that’s mostly a good thing. What’s not a good thing is an out-of-home board that points to small type that can not be read from a moving motor vehicle. I know the headline covers it, but still, there’s nothing to like here from […]

Digging In Someone Else’s Sandbox Again

After 10 years, Craig Brimm of KissMyBlackAds recently shuttered his own agency to take a job as ACD at Sanders/Wingo, Austin, Texas. He describes his reasons for doing so in Ad Age’s Small Agency Diary. I like what he says about returning to someone else’s agency after running his own. Funny thing the perspective you […]

Sometimes A Slideshow Is Just What’s Needed

McGarry Bowen and production company, The Wilderness, teamed up on this new anthem commercial for The Wall Street Journal. Highlighting the papers new direction of color images and expanded editorial focus, the team came up with a visual language meant to strike a chord with lovers of newspapers. I like the spot because I don’t […]

Let’s Have A Chat About All These Conferences

I doubt I’ll be asked to speak at one anytime soon: Every week I see floods of tweets and blog posts from people I know sharing quotable nuggets or random observations from some marketing-related conference, seminar, or training session. Collectively, it always seems like these gatherings are the place to be for gaining bits of […]

Jon Huntsman Was Born To Be…Something

I have no idea what Republican candidate for President Jon Huntsman has up his sleeve. But I’m intrigued. This video was released today. Will we see another spot, tomorrow? And each day until he announces?

Top Ten PR Firm Is “Prevolving”

Golin Harris is “Fixing it before it breaks.” “We’re reoganizing around the areas that are important to our clients,” Fred Cook, president and chief executive of Golin Harris, said. “Areas that are not perceived as strengths in public relations: strategy, creativity, technology, analytics.” “I’m motivated partly by opportunity,” he added, “and partly by fear.” Each […]

Can You Afford More Than A Grand A Year In Cable? You’re One Of The Lucky Ones

According to Los Angeles Times there’s a sense of urgency surrounding the annual National Cable & Telecommunications Assn. convention in Chicago this week, as big media firms grapple with a host of business challenges that threaten their livelihood. “There clearly is a growing underclass of people who can’t afford the services they want. It would […]

Are You A Professional Services Provider, Or A Builder Of Things?

Are you more interested in “building things” than you used to be? Barbarian Group’s Rick Webb says you are.