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The Modern World Suffers From Ad Fatigue–Better Ads Aren’t Going To Change That Score

BusinessWeek is poking around to see if it can help burst the new tech bubble. “My fear is that Silicon Valley has become more like Hollywood,” says Glenn Kelman, chief executive officer of online real estate brokerage Redfin, who has been a software executive for 20 years. “An entertainment-oriented, hit-driven business that doesn’t fundamentally increase […]

Truth In Advertising?

I didn’t realize knowing how to play Lottery games was a barrier to trial. But this new “Find Your Way To Play” campaign from Cole & Weber United for Washington Lottery says it is. Here’s a TV spot too. This campaign looks innocent enough, but does Washington Lottery really want to say that you don’t […]

What Do You Do For A Living? I Elevate Granular Brand Moments

Jeff Rosenblum, founding partner of Questus, believes we need to shift our focus from an advertising mindset to a marketing mindset in order to drive the industry forward. Writing on AdAge’s Small Agency Diary, he outlines some actionable recommendations. I like this one: To counteract the diminishing role of advertising, we should think more like […]

Need Financial Advise? Go To A Pro

Arnold Worldwide’s Washington, DC office is launching the first-ever campaign for the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. The integrated campaign, called Let’s Make a Plan, aims to educate people about the importance of financial planning and the significance of the CFP designation when choosing a financial professional. There are currently 62,400 Certified Financial Planners […]

Email May Not Be Sexy, But It Is Intimate

Writing on {grow} (the blog of Schaefer Marketing Solutions), surfer and self-help author and speaker, Srinivas Rao, rates various social media channels for intimacy. According to Rao, “the key really to ‘having mad game’ when it comes to connecting with people in the blogosphere is being able to understand each platform according to its level […]

Today In Twitterverse: The Echo Chamber Is Growing L-L-L-Louder-r-r-r

As you can see from the exchange below, two professional writers acknowledge that the collective “we” may be spending too much time talking to ourselves in today’s echo chamber of choice. I mention Twitter as the place where the self-proclaiming gather, but it might also be said of Facebook, one’s blog, and so on. And […]

Scoring Your Dream Tickets Is No Longer A Fantasy

Need a last minute ticket to a concert, show or game? StubHub can help, provided you have plenty of room on your credit card (I just looked up tickets to Sasquatch Music Festival — $599 for a four day pass, camping and VIP amenities). Of course, resellers don’t set the original outrageous price for entertainment, […]

Ad People Need To Follow The Money — If There’s Any Left

Hardly a week goes by that someone doesn’t post or link to creative jobs that pay a pittance. Even agencies are getting lowballed for their services these days. So how do you profit in advertising today? Our knowledge economy has spread the knowledge around quite well. And made it easy for certain jobs – writing, […]