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We’re Moving From Aspirational Brands To Meaningful Brands

Umair Haque is Director of the Havas Media Lab. He’s also a contributor to Harvard Business Review. I like how Haque says (at the 5:36 point) that people are beginning to value nature, the future, society, one another and their own sense of purpose and well being. This is a great global shift, sometimes we […]

Advertising And The Oscars: LivingSocial

Is there a client, or creative team in America, that’s not currently working to take a page from Old Spice’s playbook? I doubt it. According to Mashable, these two new spots from Martin Agency are a creative departure from the brand’s ad that ran during the Super Bowl pregame show — though both spots are […]

You Can’t Fool Mother Google. Can You?

In a chess move with so-called Content Farms, The Google revised its methods to improve the usefulness of its results last week, according to The New York Times. But the new algorithm change does not address the full scope of techniques that sites use to manipulate Google. It is a constant cat-and-mouse game — as […]

Helping Brands Get A Return On Their Facebook Investment, Pays Off For North Social

Vocus, a leading provider of cloud-based marketing and PR software, has acquired North Social, a software company that provides Facebook applications that enable businesses to create, manage and promote their business on Facebook. North Social is the latest addition to the Vocus earned marketing suite that helps organizations reach and influence buyers across social networks, […]

GE Used To Make Good Transistor Radios, Didn’t They?

This commercial just baffles me. If you watch too much CNN and MSNBC like I do, you can’t miss it. The copy says we can all get “in step with” what GE’s doing. So that naturally ties the whole spot together. What do you think of this million-dollar slice of ecomagination?

Live The Language, Learn The Language

EF International Language Centers sure makes learning the language look like a fun time for young, beautiful people. These commercials were created by designer Albin Holmqvist (who did the type) and director Gustav Johansson. via: ISO50 Blog

Just Do It John Jay’s Way

John C Jay, partner at Wieden+Kennedy, composed a brilliant list for young designers to follow, but it’s clear that his career advice has universal meaning and appeal. In fact, I’m tempted to print these 10 maxims out and keep them near my desk. Better yet, I’ll memorize them. 10 lessons for young designers: 1. Be […]

Hey, We’re Mood Showering, We Hit You With The Ball And You Tell Us The First Thing That Comes To Mind About Sportswear

According to Adweek, Portlandia co-star and co-creator, Carrie Brownstein is a Wieden+Kennedy alum. That, I did not know. BTW, Portlandia has been cleared for a second season on IFC. Yea!