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God Bless Louisiana

Secularists, cast your eyes askance. New Orleans’ ABC affiliate, WGNO, is appealing to the most devout members of its viewing area. Which is understandable, except for this line of reasoning: “You can wash away our houses, you can poison our coastline, you can ignore our shrinking wetlands and when there’s nothing left, we will still […]

Spotlight on NW Creative: Nike Makes A Better Box

Nike is interested in helping to create a Better World. For instance, to help reduce packaging waste, Nike took a fresh look at their shoebox. According to, corrugated cardboard is Nike’s single-largest material purchase. The shoebox and its shipping carton account for half of Nike packaging. So they reengineered the shoe box, which now […]

OMG, The Baby Monkey Was Riding On The Baby Pig

Sony encourages you to “be there” with their Bloggie Touch in a new campaign from 180LA. Directed by Jake Szymanski and produced by Jasper Thomlinson and Michael Sagol of Caviar LA.

Yet Another Facebook Story: Initial Public Offering In 2012?

Facebook is the third biggest Internet company in the world today, and growing. It’s currently a privately held company, but that could soon change and when/if it does the “average investor” can put her own hard earned money on the line. Where does Facebook’s value reside? In the data!

Ted Williams Gets Big — And Crispin Gets Fast for Kraft

For homeless-turned-hot sensation Ted Williams, it’s been a whirlwind. His Kraft voiceover is already in the can. Or rather, the box. Seriously, I love that an agency can act so fast to capitalize on something like this. But why is it that the only other thing I noticed about this spot is that when the […]

How Brands Might Steer “The Controller”

Wes Keltner of Gun has lots of ideas about how brands can best enter the new Kinect for XBOX 360 gaming space. “Gamers are a highly interactive, socially driven community of early adopters with acute sensitivity to bullshit,” advises Keltner. In other words, a brand can’t place a billboard inside a game and expect anything […]

To Win In Vegas You Need Some Super Sharp Gear

Consumer Electronics Show, a.k.a. CES, is dominating business headlines this week, as tech companies vie for attention at this annual gathering of 100,000 plus gadget happy people. According to Los Angeles Times, the Las Vegas trade show is inundated with iPad-like tablet computers, iPhone-like smart phones and Internet-enabled televisions to rival Apple TV. There is […]

Only A Local Agent Can Do That?

Who is this tweedy Professor by the name of Nathaniel Burke? And where is this so-called University of Farmer’s located? More importantly, do they play football there? By the way, what does any of this have to do with the Wongs? Is RPA pulling a Martin Agency here by running thinly-related campaigns for their big […]