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With the launch of a new website by Colle+McVoy, the venerable 85-year-old Land O’Lakes Dairy Foods brand introduces new content and heightened functionality just in time for holiday cooking. The newly refreshed is a complete site redesign meant to help consumers engage with an established brand in new ways. For instance, the Test Kitchen […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: First 60 Minutes, Now Time (Zuck’s PR Team Is Very, Very Good)

Mark Zuckerberg is Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year.” The computer was named Time’s “Man of the Year” in 1982. Media mogul Ted Turner received the distinction in 1991; Andy Grove of Intel in 1997; and’s Jeff Bezos in 1999. So Zuck’s 2010 coronation is not unprecedented.

Too Many Kids In The Streets

Families with children now make up three-quarters of the overall homeless population, double the number of kids and families in city shelters a decade ago. This Coalition for the Homeless ad was created pro bono by Rich Russo, Chief Creative Officer at Adrenaline and will run on donated airtime on TV stations in the New […]

72 and Sunny’s Awesome Day

According to The Wall Street Journal, Canada’s MDC Partners Inc. has agreed to acquire Los Angeles-based creative agency 72 and Sunny. After six years of being independent, 72 and Sunny agreed to sell so it could expand overseas (it already has an office in Amsterdam) and beef up on digital capabilities. With MDC’s help, “we […]

Bone Conduction: You Heard It Here Third

Will Robison of text-to-buy startup Subports was interviewed on Open Forum by Miles Klee of The Awl. Klee asked Robison if he has any retail experiments in mind that he can’t quite pull off just yet? His answer is interesting, to say the least. Text-to-buy and helping our sellers sell anywhere is our focus right […]

If You’re Not Great At Client Service, You’re Not Great

Ian Lurie of Portent Interactive in Seattle believes you can’t always apply modern work strategies advocated by the likes of Jason Fried at 37 Signals in the agency environment. In Fried’s world, efficient, uninterrupted sprints, team rotation, and projects finished in days instead of weeks are the norm. But that’s not the norm in Adlandia […]