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Luke Sullivan Deserves Praise For Praising Radio

Radio advertising. Just the mention of it makes many copywriters cringe and puts everyone else in advertising to sleep. It’s been bludgeoned by not only iPods, satellite radio and Pandora, but also DJ live reads and radio stations that produce them in-house as a freebie when advertisers buy time. The majority of it sucks: it’s […]

Today In Twitterverse: Kunz V. Armano

David Armano and Ben Kunz–two dudes who care about Social Media, PR and all that good stuff–got into it today, over what started as a seemingly innocent Tweet from Armano. Note Armano’s disclosure above. Research In Motion is a client. But that doesn’t appease Kunz, it maddens him. I have a couple problems here. One […]

Ben Huh Is Laughing Out Loud

Ben Huh, founder Cheezeburger Network told The Chicago Tribune, “We’re trying to make the world happy for five minutes a day.” Turns out that’s an excellent business plan. Huh’s network of sites reaches some 10 million Americans monthly and his Seattle company now has more than 40 employees. Huh attended Northwestern University’s Medill School of […]

This Is One Way To Sell Fancy Pants Water

Agency: Zambezi Actors: Academy Award nominee Gary Busey, Adrian Peterson and Shaq

J. Peterman, A Classic Brand Storyteller, Lives On — Online

If all you know about J. Peterman was the character on “Seinfeld,” you missed out on some great catalog copywriting in the 80’s and 90’s. As a result of the show’s publicity , the company expanded into retail outlets then fizzled out. But J. Peterman still sells online, using the same mystique to sell clothes […]

In The Best Sense of the Word, Wine Is Dramatic

Here’s some new print work from Hook in Charleston, SC. The retro movie posters are promoting new red and white wine brands from Total Beverage Solution.

Design The Best Experience, Win Hearts And Minds

Irish journalist Trevor Butterworth writing for Forbes makes a salient point about Facebook’s poor design, and how it endangers the long-term viability of the site. If you’re actually busy, maintaining the site is simply too much work. Anything that can deliver the useful essence of Facebook without the effort has a distinct advantage; the problem […]

Don’t Pursue Marketplace Success

The following essay was first published on A Clear Eye and is reproduced here in its entirety by permission of the author, Tom Asacker. Don’t Pursue Marketplace Success One of the most powerful and dangerous mindsets in business today is the mechanistic, Newtonian model of reality. It’s a pervasive myth. Most organizations continue to respond […]