J. Peterman, A Classic Brand Storyteller, Lives On — Online

If all you know about J. Peterman was the character on “Seinfeld,” you missed out on some great catalog copywriting in the 80’s and 90’s. As a result of the show’s publicity , the company expanded into retail outlets then fizzled out. But J. Peterman still sells online, using the same mystique to sell clothes and accessories, although the stories these days are a little more truncated than they used to be.
But in perusing the site, I came across Peterman’s Eye, described as “a community of curious travelers.” With articles on food, history, travel, politics, other assorted topics, and a very lively comment section.
In an age when brands are scrambling to develop some level of engagement with customers, J. Peterman still shows how great storytelling can really add some flair. Incidentally, Banana Republic started much the same way, which reminds me I have to dig out some of those old catalogs which I threw into a storage box somewhere.



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