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One Startup’s Journey From Free To Fee

Scott Heiferman of Meetup speaks to Henry Blodget of Business Insider about his company and Meetup made the transition to a pay model. “We have a product that’s good enough for people to pay for,” says Heiferman. I like the simplicity in that.

The Saucy Meaty Taste You Never Outgrow

ConAgra Foods, which owns Chef Boyardee, is running two campaigns at once. The spots above from Venables Bell & Partners are running in conjunction with the “Obviously delicious. Secretly nutritious.” campaign from DDB West, which launched last year. [via Adweek]

Brands That Push Messages Out, Now Starting To Listen

“Relax, said the night man, We are programmed to receive.” -The Eagles Irina Slutsky of Geek Entertainment TV is now writing news for Ad Age. Well done, Ad Age. Today, Slutsky introduces us to two women–Beth LaPierre and Susan Beebe–chief listening officers at Kodak and Dell, respectively. “In a world where marketing managers are eager […]

Does Arby’s Need A New Agency–Or A New Menu?

It was total randomness, but today at lunch I was driving around and spotted a place that I could eat and do some reading, because it was practically empty: Arby’s. And as reported recently, like here in Business First of Columbus, Arby’s is looking for a new agency. “We are deeply involved in analysis and […]

DDB LA and Jeremy Irons Team Up For Mocumentary, But One With A Very Real Agenda

Californians use 19 billion plastic bags a year. Heal the Bay thinks there’s a better way.

London Fog Finds Perfect Fit With Hendricks

It’s good to see Mad Men star Christina Hendricks in a London Fog. Or just about any other garment, for that matter. Mad Men fans will recall that London Fog was featured on the show last season. Don wanted to wrap the brand’s classic trench around a nude model, you know, to inject some life […]

Make Mine One-Of-A-Kind

At a time when computerized automation is the way of the world and even things like ads are becoming mass-produced commodities, there’s a counter current that’s also running strong. The counter current is our growing desire for hand-made one-of-a-kind products. According to The Wall Street Journal there’s a growing number of companies entering the customization […]

Ground Score

Imagine coming home from work to find a bag of free groceries waiting on your doorstep. That’s what 1000 households in Opelousas, La. found when Save-a-Lot supermarket ran a promotion in their city. According to Ad Age, Mark Kotcher, director of brand marketing and design for Save-a-Lot said the company wanted to do something different […]