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The Commercial Web Is Awash In Ultra Light Interactivity

McDonald’s wants to interest you in its new Angus Wraps. Ergo, it created a Mad Libs-style microsite where visitors make some random decisions that lead to a custom Angus Axiom. What might one do with such a useless piece of digital drivel? Post it to Faceook and/or Twitter, of course. By the way, an axiom […]

Trump Has An Apprentice Program, What About You?

Camille Paglia’s writing is a pleasure to read. Her latest contribution to The Chronicle of Higher Education chops academia off at the knee. Jobs, and the preparation of students for them, should be front and center in the thinking of educators. The idea that college is a contemplative realm of humanistic inquiry, removed from vulgar […]

2464 Miles From Wall Street

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden is different. Like Oregon. I don’t know that I believe outsider claims from any Senator, however well meaning. The deal with being a Senator is that you’re actually the ultimate insider and you’re going to use that influence in ways you and your constituents see fit. Anyway, the Wyden spot above […]

The Mafia Might Whack You But San Francisco Will Sue You

Here’s a guerrilla marketing stunt gone bad. From L.A.-based Davis Elen Advertising has taken responsibility for last week’s advertising stunt for the Las Vegas version of the Mafia Wars online game. The advertising company glued dozens of fake $25,000 bills to city sidewalks to build “buzz” for the popular game, produced by Zynga Game […]

Should Creatives Be Thinking Beyond The Book?

Writing in Ad Age, CCO of High Wide & Handsome, Mike Wolfsohn, writes that when it comes to being a great hire for an agency, there should be more value given to creatives than just what’s in their books: Now that I’m in the position of hiring creatives, I’m convinced there’s no correlation between the […]

It’s The Script, Stupid

Given that HBO walked away with 25 Primetime Emmy Awards, the most of any network for the eighth year in a row, last night, it might be a good time to pause and ask, “Why is HBO so damn good at what they do?” Vanity Fair spoke to Michael Lombardo, president, HBO programming, to find […]

Life Is A Contest, Especially When You’re In A Band

Sometimes the music makes the ad. That’s clearly the case for A fact which makes a nationwide band search–which is a “been there, done that” idea–brand appropriate. The summer-long search concluded with The Victorious Secrets, a band from Detroit as the winner. The band emerged as America’s favorite in a competition that began with […]

A Date With Brad, Wherein He Discusses Your Period. Yes, You’re Dreaming.

This “virtual date” brought to you by Johnson & Johnson and BBDO Toronto.