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Clients At Cannes

According to Adweek, the increased presence of clients at Cannes is leading the festival to consider the launch of a Creative Effectiveness Lion next year. This year, reps from 400 client organizations attended, accounting for 15 percent of the delegate base, an amount expected to double within five years, according to Phil Thomas, CEO, Cannes […]

Run A Small Business? A Great Big One Wants To Cheer You On And Lend You Money

You don’t have to be Ronald Reagan to say It’s Morning Again in America.” You just need a horn player and Crispin Porter & Bogusky on your side. “While there are certainly people who continue to find the current economy challenging, there are entrepreneurs who are not only thriving but also building a road map […]

First Sweden, Now Canada: CPB Likes Blondes

Toronto agency, Zig, is now CPB Canada. “CPB has always been about change, forward motion and talent, and this move embraces all of those values,” said Chuck Porter, chairman of CPB and chief strategist of MDC. This “forward motion” is also neatly timed to draw attention away from the departure of Alex Bogusky, which was […]

Digital Disruption: How’s It Going For You?

“The ad business is going through a change not seen in three decades.” – Judy Shapiro Judy Shapiro is a veteran marketing exec and Chief Brand Strategist at CloudLinux, a Linux-based OS for technology service providers. In her latest piece for Ad Age, she argues that we’re moving from a one:many web to a many:many […]

Cleveland’s Sports News Becomes Front Page Ad

[via Columbia Journalism Review]

Curated Word-of-Mouth Used To Inspire North of the Border Vacations

One of the things I love about digital is how well it supports experiential marketing. Digital can drive you to the brand experience, welcome you at the desired destination and archive the activities for follow up at a later time. The Canadian Tourism Commission is on the right page with their interactive mural installations. They […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Liking What Your Friends Like (That’s Why You’re Friends)

According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook is aggressively pitching their social-context ads to big advertisers like Ford Motor Co. The ads appear on the right side of a user’s homepage, with an image and headline from the advertiser. You can also see if your friends like the ad or the company that paid to […]

The Language Of Trust Takes A Singular Look At Doublespeak

In this day and age of corporate doublespeak and political manipulation, the importance what’s being said takes a back seat to how it’s being phrased. And through it all, consumers and voters simply don’t believe much of what they hear anymore. Michael Maslansky explores the world of corporate communication in The Language of Trust: Selling […]