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Are Mobile Ads Just Plain Annoying?

It’s a small study, so take it for what it’s worth, but cites a study of female college students that suggests mobile ads are a turn-off: A Ball State University study of a primarily female group of college students found that a majority of them had seen ads on their phones, including 51.2% of […]

tenfour — Message Received

Daniel Timothy Wood of PMSI was one of the first ad biz friends I made in Portland, thanks to an introduction from Friend of AdPulp (FoAP) and freelance copywriter, Todd Davidson. Today, Wood sent me a notice about all the changes PMSI has been undergoing of late, including a name change, a new office and […]

A Peek Into Allen & Co.’s 28th Annual Northern Rockies Confab

Boutique investment bank Allen & Co. hosts a swanky gathering of media moguls each summer in Sun Valley, Idaho. According to Reuters, there are no mega mergers on the docket this year, but there is significant interest in individual media assets such as TV stations, radio companies and newspapers. Disney CEO Bob Iger arrives in […]

I Blog For Bikes

People for Bikes wants to let policy makers, the media and the public know that bicycling is important and should be promoted. Here’s their print campaign in support of Bike To Work Week. Colle + McVoy teamed up with the national coalition Bikes Belong to create People for Bikes, an entirely new brand and movement […]

You Can Learn A Lot On YouTube

Google and The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania have partnered to create Fast Forward, a YouTube channel dedicated to providing “quick perspectives on managing the change in the marketing landscape.” Here’s a small sampling of what’s available there: The Mashable article that recommends Fast Forward as a resource also points to the YouTube channels […]

The Not-So-Innocents Abroad

I haven’t dug into it yet, but I’m looking forward to reading a short e-book called Makin’ Ads Abroad, by Greg Christensen, who’s currently a CD/CW at The Richards Group in Dallas but has spent a few years working in agencies in Europe. It’s always seemed to me that while loads of international creatives come […]

Brands Want To Know Exactly Where You Stand

Foursquare, and geolocation services in general, are on fire. Listen to Lost Remote tell it: It’s probably easy to imagine how amazing this holiday weekend will be for the folks at Foursquare. Fresh Funding? Check. More press coverage than the Jonas Brothers? Check. Fortune 100 brands knocking down your door? Check. A starring role in […]

Lots Of Small Business Clients Need Lots Of Help, Media Companies Are Cool With That

Media companies are increasingly turning to marketing services as a revenue source. And it seems that newspapers are well positioned to do so on a local basis, where they already have traction with the small- and medium-sized businesses that advertise in their pages. According to Crain’s Chicago Business, Tribune Co. is starting a new consulting […]