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G Series Is For Athletes That Need To “Prime. Perform. Recover.”

Did you know that Gatorade is no longer a sports drink company? That’s right, Gatorade is now a sports performance innovator. What the hell am I talking about? Hell if I know. But let’s tune in to these new spots from TBWA Worldwide and begin to decipher the changes. Okay, I get it now. Gatorade […]

A Subtle “Buy American” Message

A couple of months ago, I watched the HBO documentary Schmatta, a history of the garment industry in New York. In it, they pointed out that in 1965, 95% of the clothing sold in America was made in America. In 2005, that was 5%. I think it’s shameful. Admittedly, my clothing purchases don’t help the […]

Cocksure CEO Sees No End In Sight For His Firm’s Prosperity And Global Reach

Nike Chief Executive Officer Mark Parker told investors in New York yesterday to expect outlandish return in the years to come. “Nike has unlimited opportunities and limited resources,” Parker, 54, said. “Our job is to be surgical and aggressive with these resources.” Parker said Nike will grow annual revenue to $27 billion in 2015–that’s a […]

On A Fixed Income? Corn Dogs Hit The Spot.

Santa Ana-based DGWB and director Aron Paul Orton teamed up to sell $.79 corn dogs in this spot for Wienerschnitzel.

Land Rover’s LR4 Keeps You Safe From Crazy Co-Workers

There’s safe on slick roads, safe at top speeds and safe backing out of the driveway, all of which are owned by Volvo. But other vehicles also provide drivers feelings of well being. In this new work for Land Rover’s LR4 from Young & Rubicam New York, the agency explores another, funnier side of safety. […]

American Crew Rubs Some Honest Answers Into Mens’ Scalps

American Crew is the leading salon brand created specifically for men’s stylists. And we all know many men go bald, which for American Crew is a business problem in need of a solution. American Crew’s Hair Recovery system is a part of the solution and so is Karsh\Hagan’s new campaign for their client’s new line […]

Daydreams And Lottery Tickets Are Like Sushi And Saké

Seattle-based Cole & Weber United worked with indie rock video director Patrick Daughters to put together this imaginative spot for Washington’s Lottery. Daughters was nominated for a Grammy for his Feist “1234” video; he also directed the video for Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks,” the same indie darlings that scored this new Washington’s Lottery spot. Clearly, […]

The Question “Where You At?” Soon To Be Extinct

Jay Yerow, a writer for Open Forum, the American Express small business resource, recently spoke with a digital executive who works with local businesses in the food and beverage sector. He said that small businesses are getting a 6-10 calls a week from people promising to get them better performance on the web. Between Google, […]