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Branded Co-Creation Circa 1973

In my experience, blogging doesn’t pay well, but it does have its perks. One of the perks is people like to send you stuff. Sometimes very cool stuff, as was the case when The Escape Pod sent me a commemorative plate. Today, the UPS man rang and at the door I found a poster tube […]

The Big Ape

In an effort to promote Peter Jackson’s new state-of-the-art attraction, King Kong 360 3D for Universal Studios Hollywood (which opens in July), LA-based David&Goliath created this :30 teaser boasting the largest, most intense 3D experience on the planet. David&Goliath worked with Radical Media and director Peter Darley Miller on the spot.

Inside The Concepting For The E-Trade Ads That Ruffled Lindsay Lohan

With rare exceptions, such as Randall Rothenberg’s excellent “Where The Suckers Moon,” journalists and reporters rarely get a glimpse inside an agency’s concepting sessions. But Esquire got an inside look, for Grey’s E-Trade campaign that is now the target of a lawsuit by Lindsay Lohan. The article gives some insight into the concepting process and […]

Worthy of Further Clickery, Vol. 3

The Web is a vast space where endless discovery is possible. That’s one of the things I like about it. When you stumble upon a new source of material that resonates with you, it’s like finding an arrow head or a fossil or a special rock. Given how persistent I am about tilling the digital […]

Pete Blackshaw Ads Value To Ad Age

I gave Ad Age a hard time this morning on Twitter for outsourcing so much of their content to industry pros, instead of relying on journalists (inside and outside their organization) to report news. Clearly some industry pros are better than others and their opinions carry more weight. Pete Blackshaw from Nielsen, for instance, is […]

Brands Are The New Producers

RedLever, a leading producer of premium branded content across all genres and distribution platforms, announced today it has partnered with Digitas, a leading digital marketing agency, to create “In The Kitchen,” a 10-part webisode series for Jenn-Air, makers of high-end kitchen appliances. The web series kicks off in mid-March. The series will be hosted by […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Fan Pages For All

According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook will introduce its Open Graph API next month at a major developer conference in San Francisco. The API will help independent Web sites adopt elements of Facebook’s Fan pages. For instance, a visitor to one’s site could with one click become a “Fan”. By getting sites to adopt […]

Not Your Father’s Creative Execution

Buick’s new interactive campaign, The New Class of World Class, created by MacLaren MRM in partnership with Motion Theory and interactive studio Jam 3, aims to introduce Buick’s new design philosophy to a young, sophisticated audience. Unbelievably, the project was completed in just over three weeks. Adrian Belina, Creative Director, Jam 3 says, “To create […]