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SXSW Can Be Overly Social Even For The Most Social

I feel Brogan’s pain here. No one wants to be used. Plus, the whole idea of limited access (to a party in this case) runs counter to one of the Web’s main attributes.

Clients Pay For Reaction, Not Proaction

Another week, another poll in Adweek that shows how agencies are lacking. The complaints are all too familiar, but a new poll of client executives finds that agencies still aren’t proactive enough and need to make more of an effort to grasp the business challenges that clients face. Asked to identify their top sources of […]

Episodic Content Continues To Grow On the Web

Bertolli’s new web series, “Into the Heart of Italy,” features Rocco DiSpirito, Marisa Tomei and Dan Cortese on a journey to uncover the secrets of Italy’s passion for food and life. Day One: Lucca @ Yahoo! Video According to Ad Age: Unilever, along with media agency MindShare Entertainment, has produced what have arguably become web […]

Brand Loyalty Is Tough To Measure, Until You Convert It Into Sales

James Cherkoff of Modern Marketing has a new and interesting take on David Ogilvy’s admonition, “We sell, or else.” That most crucial aspect of markets and marketing, the Point-Of-Purchase (P-o-P) is changing quickly and in some very surprising ways. In doing so, this shift is throwing light on some long-standing weaknesses of the marketing industry, […]

The Oracle Of Omaha Likes Insurance Advertising That Rocks

Warren Buffet isn’t shy about saying that he loves to spend money on Geico advertising, because it works. I don’t know if the following “ad” is going to work very well, but Buffet does have a cameo in the spot (careful, you might not recognize him in the wig). [via BrandFreak]

Foursquare v. Gowalla — Just One Drama Playing In Austin This Weekend

The Wall Street Journal addresses the buzz around location-based services at SXSW this weekend. According to the Journal: Foursquare, which launched last year at SXSW, has 16 new badges that users can collect as they check in at different places around Austin. The service updated its iPhone app in time for the conference and has […]

P&G Has A Long History Of Branded Storytelling

Redwood Custom Communications in Toronto is now known as Totem Brand Stories. Totem likes to refer to its works as “marketing journalism,” which might be problematic for some real journalists with no interest in forwarding brand stories. I like to call this type of work content, or branded content, to be specific. But I digress… […]

All Kinds Of People Get Bruised In Comedic Skits. Comedy Helps Us Laugh At Ourselves. Thank God For Comedy.

What do you think of these ads from Dallas-based MetroPCS? According to CNET some people say the ads are racist and they’re offended by them. Which is weird, since the brand’s tagline is “Wireless for All.” “It is not our wish to offend anyone who sees our commercials. In fact, our business model is set […]