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Blurring Distinctions: New, Old, Niche Or Mass, It’s All Media

Ravi Somaiya of Gawker wants me to link to his article, “How Blogs Are Becoming More Like Newspapers”. I’m doing so and repackaging a couple of his paragraphs for good measure. Now blogs compete aggressively for audience. Politico, Deadline Hollywood and everyone else seeks to break news to differentiate them from their competition. To do […]

Brands Go From Patron To Producer

Webisodes are all the rage for brands wanting to connect with customers via original content, but what if the customers in question aren’t wired into high speed Internet, or predisposed to watch content on the Web? According to Ad Age, Ford Motor Co. has some of these customers in rural Argentina and the brand found […]

Don’t Be A Dinosaur

FITC, which puts on design and technology events, thought to remind us ad people to keep on growin’, or else… The Last Advertising Agency On Earth from FITC on Vimeo.

Rethinking What Work Is And How Best To Get It Done

Tug McTighe of American Copywriter likes the new book, Rework, from 37Signals. He says it’s “absolutely the best book on making your business/creativity thrive (that) I’ve read since Seth Godin’s Purple Cow.”

The AdPulp Interview: Doug Lowell

Doug Lowell of ID Branding was one of the first people to see my fledgling book back in the spring of 1995, when he was an ACD at AKA Advertising and Saas. He was also one of a handful of people in the business that made an impression on my developing ad mind. So I […]

Too Much Nerd Power Not A Good Thing For Brands

Writing in Ad Age, Tom Hinkes, former marketing director and current principal consultant at OutBranding, says “our biggest consumer brands are now managed by nerds.” It’s not a compliment. Great brand marketers are comfortable with ambiguity. They realize marketing is a balancing act — it’s numbers and detail, but it’s also flair and vision. It’s […]

Iain Tait, Free-Range Idea Farmer

You may have heard, Iain Tait is leaving Poke/London for Wieden+Kennedy/Portland. In his new position Tait will be top digital dog at an agency reared on TV, and one that’s been slow to pick up the digital ball. If this article by Tait in New Media Age is any indication, he wants to bring new […]

Engage: A Deep Dive Into The Social Media World Of Today

I’ll readily admit I’d never heard of Brian Solis when I received a copy of his new book, Engage: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web. But I suppose when Ashton Kutcher writes the foreword to your book, like he did here, you can do […]