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South By Web Celeb Fest Is Wearing Thin

South By Southwest Interactive wrapped up on Tuesday, and there’s mixed opinion on the conference’s enduring value. Jolie O’Dell, who just announced she is leaving her job at Read Write Web, says SXSW sucks and she won’t be going back for more. This year, I spent most of my time trying to avoid being harassed, […]

What Slate Can Do, You Can Do

Google makes running your company’s ads, or your clients’ ads, on national TV look easy. So easy, in fact, that it raised the suspicions of Slate’s ad critic, Seth Stevenson. Stevenson wanted to take Google TV ads for a spin. So, Slate created a bizarre TV ad that advertises nothing in particular, and directs viewers […]

Microsoft Wants To Tussle

I keep finding articles on how big Google is, and what a threat Google presents to competition. By competition, the complainers often mean Microsoft, an odd thing considering Microsoft’s monopoly on the desktop and the legal troubles the company has faced as a consequence. Microsoft got Google’s attention in Ohio recently, when a routine collections […]

You Can’t Fool Brother Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk was prank called at 5:00 am while in Austin for SXSW. Listen to how he handles it. The dude is quick. Vaynerchuk says, “What I think is interesting here is we now live in a very transparent world and every interaction maybe recorded. The question is, if I handled this differently would it […]

Red Bulls Bets Big On Soccer

Red Bull’s new $220 million Major League Soccer arena in Harrison, N.J., opens this weekend when the New York Red Bulls line up in an exhibition match with Santos FC. According to The Wall Street Journal, the arena, paid for without a loan, represents the biggest and most visible foreign investment ever made in professional […]

Friends Don’t Let Friends Pay Retail

SocialBuy is a new “social buying” site offering vouchers for discounts on luxury products and services often from retailers that have never before discounted — but now must in order to stay afloat in this economy. Naturally, the company wants to use social media to spread its social buying message. That was interesting… This is […]

You Can Say Vagina On The Web

According to The New York Times, the new Kotex campaign from the New York office of JWT is ruffling some network feathers. Apparently, three different networks informed JWT it could not use the word “vagina” in the ads, which led the agency back to the editing booth. “It’s very funny because the whole spot is […]

Geo-Tracking One’s Career

Ed Hamilton, a copywriter in London, put his CV on Google Maps, an act which led to 15,000 views in two days. Here’s another one from Carren O’Keefe. [via Michael Lebowitz]