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Civic Pride Expressed

Is your city also a brand? If so, has the brand been spit-polished of late? According to USA TODAY, “destination branding is back in vogue as cities and states pursue image makeovers designed to help them stand out in the weak global economy, attract visitors and even lure people who might relocate.” “The branding bug […]

How To Pitch A Story

As Editor of this site, I’m pitched all day long, but I can’t recall ever being pitched in the fashion above. [via So Cal PR Blog]

We Have A Zombie Problem

Steffan Postaer is a content zombie. No longer able to process information, we rip through new media biting and chewing and spitting out content, barely digesting any of it. Ravenously, we move on to the next. Indeed, barely chewed facts, items and stories pass through us onto the web like offal. Our constant tweets and […]

To Me, “Does Social Sell?” Is The Same Question As “Does Advertising Sell?”

It may be a national holiday, but that’s not stopping Adweek’s Brian Morrissey from asking the hard questions in his piece published today, Does Social Sell? While digital channels and online interactions offer a plethora of data points, they don’t come with a set playbook for assigning value. Marketers have grown comfortable with formulas like […]

Just Work Out

Snowboarder Ellery Hollingsworth stars in this new spot for Nike Women.

Long Copy Lives For Rosetta Stone

I was flipping through Newsweek when an ad caught my eye just as I was turning the page: The ad below, for Rosetta Stone language instruction. Click on the ad to enlarge it. It’s a long-copy ad. Hell, it’s a direct-response long-copy ad, the kind most ad people turn up their noses at. And it’s […]

17 Days of Sticky Content

Live sports programming like the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the NCAA basketball tournament and the Daytona 500 are “big-event television,” programs that attract large, involved audiences at a time when consumers have generally been atomized into tiny niche markets, says Stuart Elliott. According to Boston Globe, NBC Universal will air a staggering 835 hours of […]

The Heroes Behind Our Heroes

Team USA has many corporate sponsors, but this new campaign from P&G and Wieden + Kennedy illustrates an even deeper fact of life about Olympic athletes–before they ever come close to seeing their face on a Wheaties Box, their moms, (dads, siblings and friends) play a key role in advancing their game.