Archives for February 2010

Skype Goes Where You Go

To promote its mobile capabilities, Skype has launched a campaign called Skype Outside. The company put the Skype app onto the mobile handsets of five artists from across the globe, and anyone with a message they want to share can call one of the artists and have their words unleashed into the great outdoors. Messages […]

Big Air, Big Idea

Red Bull has been doing things right for years, but, also known as Shaun White’s private half pipe outside Silverton, Colorado, is the bomb. It’s the perfect example of a lifestyle brand taking their content strategy (and their endorsement deals) to the edge and beyond, a place Red Bull drinkers and radical shredders like […]

They’re Fired Up In Philly

Quaker City Mercantile is doing work for Silverpeak Apothecary, a medical marijuana dispensary in Aspen. Considering that marijuana is now legal for medical use in 14 different states and generates $1 billion nationwide in revenue a year, execs at QCM had no problem seeing Silverpeak as legitimate clients. Plus, after working with RJ Reynolds for […]

Thirsting For Originality

I had barely finished writing my new Talent Zoo column about the uncanny similarities between Coke’s Super Bowl spot and an Israeli Yotvata milk spot when another mini-furor erupted over some new Nationwide spots that remind people of the Dos Equis campaign. So what’s going on here? Is it just too easy to rip-off ideas, […]

Pets Fly Cheap

Boost Mobile, one of Sprint’s prepaid brands, unveils the latest installment in its ‘Unwronged’ campaign. Created by 180 Los Angeles, “Pet Carrier” and the forthcoming “Lawyers” and “Medical Testing” continue to showcase Boost Mobile as the answer to other wireless carriers’ wrongs. Speaking of wrongs, I’m sure some people (with children) will be put off […]

Strategy Was His Strength, Not Disaster

Thanks to the donation of The Grateful Dead Archive to University of California at Santa Cruz academics of all stripes, from ethno¬≠musicologists to philosophers, sociologists to historians will begin heading to the hillside campus to pour through decades of arcane documents and other artifacts. According to The Atlantic, the biggest beneficiaries may prove to be […]

Crispin Porter & Sustainability

Note: The following video won’t begin to play right away, you need to wait about 15 to 20 seconds (forever in Internet time). Watch live video from FearLess Q+A on Alex Bogusky changed the pace today on his FearLess Q+A live Webcast. His guests, Hunter Lovins and Catherine Greener are ecologists, not marketers. Lovins […]

Gretchen Bleiler Catches Some Major Air for AT&T

The music is “Perfect Day” by Lou Reed.