Archives for February 2010

Seeing Red

Here’s some new creative from BOS/Toronto on behalf of SportChek.

Fast Company Shows How Partners + Napier Got…Well, Faster

It doesn’t matter whether you work in BDA or a small agency, the fact is that clients are looking for ways their agencies can cut costs. And we can bitch and carp about client procurement departments and reduced budgets until we’re blue in the face, but clients themselves are under pressure to cut their own […]

Selling Serious With Helium (It Works)

Learn more about ANZ’s security features, and/or view the other ad (which isn’t as good) in this campaign.

This Is How You Do Packaged Goods Advertising

A scary spoon lead character exerts his dominance over the field and says near the end, “I got to have my pops.” That’ll keep ’em up at night!

TV News In The Vice

Wieden+Kennedy/London lets one rip for The Observer: [via The Denver Egotist] In other news about news, The New York Times reports that ABC News is reducing its staff by 300-400 people. The organization currently employs 1400. In a memorandum to staffers, the ABC News president David Westin said the “transformation” would result in a leaner, […]

A Copycat Spot, Or A Copydog Spot. Still Cute As Hell.

So Agency Spy is claiming that the following Pedigree spot is derivative of a music video from a band called Vitalic: I like me some dogs. And slow-motion. So I like this spot. I suspect most dog lovers will, too. But like my Talent Zoo column says, we’ll keep seeing similar ideas and techniques used […]

We’re Low On Trust. Period.

Edelman put out a new study about trust and it has residents of Adlandia hopping. Big Orange Slide says, “Just as many marketers are getting comfortable with shifting dollars to social media, Edelman’s latest ‘Trust Barometer’ presents something of a wrinkle in the plan: the number of people who view their friends and peers as […]

Hacking Your Way To The Corner Office

BBH Labs/New York is looking for a Creative Technologist to join their team and help them “make things.” Here’s what BBH’s ideal candidate looks like: You never stop tinkering, playing with things, hacking and combining to create new species. Your life is a digital social experiment; the way you live exposes the way you think, […]