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Want To Get Stuff Done? Can Your Chief Interruption Officer

Tropicana Doesn’t Just Taste Good, It Brings Brighter Mornings To The Arctic

As part of its “Brighter Mornings for Brighter Days” campaign from BBDO/Toronto, Tropicana literally brought a brighter morning to the frigid, remote Arctic town of Inuvik, Northwest Territories, where its 3,500 residents live without a sunrise for weeks each winter. “This is a groundbreaking campaign for Tropicana that takes our brand into a compelling emotional […]

Embargoes Are Requests No One Wants To Honor

It’s obvious that PR agents need a new and improved way of spreading their client’s stories. Take a look:

Matchmakers Needed, Or Not

Lenore Skenazy of FreeRangeKids, writing for Ad Age asks why it’s so hard for a blogger to find advertisers on her own. The truth is: I have no idea how to find a sponsor and I fear that, for all their talk about social media, sponsors are not out there finding us — “us” being […]

Go Meredith

Emily Steel of The Wall Street Journal reports that Meredith, the Des Moines-based lifestyle publisher, has been busy eating Madison Avenue’s lunch. According to the article Meredith Integrated Marketing has created custom publishing, email, social media and mobile campaigns for major marketers, including Kraft Foods, Chrysler and Wells Fargo. If you go to the company’s […]

Award Shows Are Wankfests

Look at the way Dave Trott writes. It looks like poetry, doesn’t it? But it is not poetry, it’s an ad guy helping other ad guys see what being an ad guy is all about. Let’s see if we can remember the original purpose of advertising. Wasn’t it something to do with selling stuff to […]

Hawkpanther Discovered Lurking In Portland’s Pearl District

According to Adfreak, EA began running TV ads on Feb. 22 for, a site that supposedly helps you learn to steal a friend’s girlfriend, fiancĂ©e or wife. The Hawkpanther character (and resulting campaign) is, of course, just an ad for EA’s game, Dante’s Inferno. I mean, what else could it possibly be?

Go Ahead, Measure This

Al DiGuido, CEO of Zeta Interactive, writing in Ad Age about what agencies might look like in five years, predicts: Data will dominate all agency activity — real-time messaging, real-time results and analysis. The day will come in which planners won’t plan without understanding the metrics of success. Creative teams won’t create without understanding the […]