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You Don’t Have To Be The Most Interesting Man In The World To Sell Pants

Fallon UK for fashion brand French Connection… [via Sell Sell]

The Real Meaning of Advertainment

Now that I run a small but growing creative services firm, it’s imperative that I become a rainmaker and an account manager, on top of being the writer/creative director/brand strategist that I already am. That’s why I’m thankful for I AM THE CLIENT, a blog by Londoner “Dave Knockles,” a marketing director at a big […]

Matt Mason On Competing With Pirates And Other Matters

Matt Mason, is Strategy Director at Syrup and author of The Pirate’s Dilemma. I like how he says business books are big business cards. That’s sort of how I feel about AdPulp.

Where Are The Extraordinary Creative Leaders When You Need Them? In Cannes And Elsewhere

Because certain creative directors like to send updates to Twitter about what award show they’re currently judging, I thought to ask a rhetorical question in the wee hours before sun up this morning. Q. how much time do “famous” creative directors spend working versus judging award shows? in a ratio please. Thankfully, one famous creative […]

When Wealth Becomes Irrelevant, Brand Building Will Too

Credit Suisse wants investors to know that a great brand is also a great investment. Omar Saad, a Director at Credit Suisse and a U.S. Branded Apparel & Footwear analyst, said, “We believe a strong brand is one of the most powerful and sustainable advantages a company can have, but one that is often ignored […]

Keeping The Economy Afloat

Waterways Council is a public policy organization advocating a modern and well-maintained national system of ports and inland waterways. The group is supported by waterways carriers, shippers, port authorities, shipping associations and waterways advocacy groups from all regions of the country. Cornel Martin, President/CEO of Waterways Council said, “Our nation’s ports and waterways are vitally […]

Psychiatrists Call For Honesty In Advertising. Are They Crazy?

In Britain, the Royal Society of Psychiatrists is calling for a “kitemark,” or standards mark to be added to every digitally enhanced or airbrushed image. The BBC has more: According to some in the advertising world, that would mean putting a kite mark on every poster. Better perhaps for a kite mark to be applied […]

Get Real

Yesterday, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about the tanking market for Swiss watches, and how the manufacturer of one luxury brand is sending their ace consultant around to instruct retailers in the art of selling “pure fantasy,” which is something we know a lot about in advertising. Yet, many of us […]