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Run For It

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi/London [via A View From An Ad Guy]

Into The Kaleidoscope You Go

The graph above from Forrester indicates how much more complex brand building is today, and how deep “the brand” goes in an organization. Well beyond the CMO’s office, that’s for sure. [via What Consumes Me]

Why Draw Attention To The Problem? Because, There’s No Hiding From It.

Jim Edwards at BNET reports that Saatchi & Saatchi worldwide chairman Bob Seelert thinks Toyota should stop advertising until it gets its house in order, but the company says it will ignore its agency’s advice and continue to advertise. “Such a public disconnect on strategy between a senior agency official and a global client is […]

Tall Tales From Miami’s Advertising Legends

Sam Crispin, Chuck Porter and Alex Bogusky got together in a room in Miami today. For students of the business, this is great source material. At 18:00 minutes in, Porter recalls how all the account people at the agency used to hate Alex and “wish he was dead.” Classic. The news of which leads Bogusky […]

Simple But Nice Head Fake

[via Cream]

Conversation Starters – What Brands Are Made Of

Mahesh Murthy, founder of Pinstorm and a venture capitalist at Seedfund, writing in The Wall Street Journal asks if your brand is “remark-worthy.” Because it’s kind of difficult to start a conversation around the brand if it isn’t. When someone talks about your offering, is there a 10-second sound bite that is “re-tweetable” on Twitter? […]

Lots of Digital Stories In Print

It’s Digital week in Ad Age land. Some highlights: A story on Ford’s bridging of consumer affairs with marketing A list of agencies busy developing intellectual property A look at how we define quality on the Web.

It’s A Dark Morning For Fast Food These Days

On my morning commute, if I listen to the radio (and I still do most of the time), I’ll invariably hear a spot for McDonald’s pushing some sort of Egg McMuffin. These days, as the Washington Post reports, even McBreakfast is taking a hit in this economy: “Typically, if you’re unemployed, you’re not getting up […]