TV News In The Vice

Wieden+Kennedy/London lets one rip for The Observer:

[via The Denver Egotist]
In other news about news, The New York Times reports that ABC News is reducing its staff by 300-400 people. The organization currently employs 1400.

In a memorandum to staffers, the ABC News president David Westin said the “transformation” would result in a leaner, smaller news division. “The time has come to re-think how we do what we are doing,” Mr. Westin wrote.
Going forward, the network will rely more heavily on so-called “digital journalists” who produce, record and edit much of their material.

They’re called “preditors” by some in the business. By any name, the day goes to the multi-talented doer of many things. If you’re in the content business today (on the editorial side or in advertainment), it helps to be able to write, frame a location, light the scene, and be competent in front of and behind the camera. That you can also edit on the fly is a given. That’s why you have a laptop with an editing suite. Let’s go people…



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