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MoMA Calls For TAXI

“I See,” a new short commissioned by Museum of Modern Art was written and created by Paul Lavoie, chairman and cofounder of the advertising agency TAXI New York. It was directed by Azazel Jacobs.

And The Winners Are…

We recently asked AdPulp readers to explain their vision for the future of the Web in 100 words or less. Doing so qualified each participant to win free admission to WebVisions ’09 in Portland, May 20-22. First Place Winner: Noel Franus Vision: My vision for the web is that of the everything-connected present — not […]

If You’ve Got The Chops, It’s All Goode

Murphy-Goode Winery in Sonoma is offering someone A Really Goode Job. But first, that special someone needs to display amazing powers of Web 2.0hness. Something along these lines might do it: If you like how Dirty South Wine rolls, you can Vote for Hardy and help put him in his dream job.

An Anecdotal Return to Business Basics

The book I’ve been reading, The Ten Commandments for Business Failure, by Don Keough is a pleasant read for a business book. After a spectacular career at Coca-Cola, Keough kindly offers those who might follow in leadership roles some sage advice, not just about business but about life. His business thesis boils down to this: […]

Creative Team Slams 20th Century Ideas About Private Property

Jon and Adam invite you to steal their ideas. And it might not be a bad idea to do so. For instance, should you need a new pro-bono campaign for Greenpeace, or some other ocean saving organization, Jon and Adam have you covered. And their ideas are not limited to ads, which I love. Jon […]

The Little People Who Live Inside Your Car Get Hungry For Grease

The spot above is new work from Biscuit’s Tim Godsall and DDB/Chicago.

Cheetos’ Big Balls

Consumed columnist, Rob Walker is wigged about the introduction of over-sized Cheetos. The bag describes its contents as “Dangerously cheesy taste in a dangerously cheesy ball!” The phrase “dangerously cheesy” has a trademark next to it. To me, the contents do look dangerous. But then even my inner 12-year-old finds Cheetos a little frightening, with […]

Preview of WebVisions ’09

If you already have your WebVisions conference pass it’s time to start planning which panels to attend. If you don’t have your pass yet, it’s time to pop for a pass–it might be the best $250 you spend this month. Here’s what I’m looking at this morning–11 days out from the start of the conference: […]