And The Winners Are…

We recently asked AdPulp readers to explain their vision for the future of the Web in 100 words or less. Doing so qualified each participant to win free admission to WebVisions ’09 in Portland, May 20-22.
First Place Winner: Noel Franus
Vision: My vision for the web is that of the everything-connected present — not just the future. It’s not tomorrow’s grand vision that healthcare data should be portable…that disaster victims be able to identify their location, status and needs…or that kids in economically strained areas have access to the same educational tools ‘the rest of us’ have. These things are doable today, using today’s technology. My vision is that we merely begin framing initiatives like these as doable today, rather than in a dreamy, grandiose future that may or may not ever happen.
Prize: Free conference pass
Second Pace Winner: Justin Spohn
Vision: I think the web will continue to become less and less visible as a distinct ‘thing’ in peoples lives. As the contexts in which people interact with it become more varied, the web is recognized for what it is, a protocol and not a channel. This will be hugely disruptive to the way big brands relate to their customers.
Prize: Free conference pass
Third Place Winner: Cameron Adamez
Vision: The web will be completely decentralized. The web will no longer use HTTP, HTML, or any inferior technology. Every human being will be able to access the internet. The power of the internet and the tools for content creation will no longer be in the hands of the dominant paradigm (the white male patriarchy). We will be in solidarity, in love, together.
Prize: Free conference t-shirt



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